04 Aug 2020 
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 My ad is running, but I want to edit it. Can I?
 Yes. To edit an ad for any reason (change ad headline, ad text, URL, category), go to “For advertisers” > “Manage campaigns”. Choose the ad you wish to edit, make your changes, and save. The changes will not appear until the publisher has approved
 What is the definition of "Highest Bid"?
 The Highest Bid for an ad campaign is the bid amount which will outbid the other ad campaigns in the VADpay marketplace that compete against yours. The targeting that you define for your ad campaign determines which other campaigns (and bids) that it comp
 Will bidding the "Highest Bid" for my ad campaign guarantee that I will meet my daily spending limit?
 Bidding the Highest Bid will maximize your chances of winning all available impressions on VADpay for your campaign's targeting. However, if your targeting is very narrow, the available impressions may be lower than the impression count needed for you to
 What does it mean when "not available" displays for an ad campaign's "Highest Bid"?
 This means that the ad space targeted by your campaign is temporarily not available. For example, the space on a specific zone could be sold out by Flat Rate campaigns for a specified period of time.
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