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 What advertising terms I should know?
Solution CPC: Cost per click (CPC) - the amount you pay each time a user clicks on your ad.

CPM: Cost per thousand impressions (CPM) - the amount you pay per 1000 impressions on your ad.

CTR: Click-through rate (CTR) - the number of clicks your ad receives divided by the number of times your ad is shown (impressions).

Cost: Total amount you pay for your Ads.

Default Bid: Your maximum bid for CPC or CPM.

Avg. Pos: Average position your Ads tфищге Ads of your business rivals.

Conv. Rate: A conversion occurs when a click on your ad leads directly to user behavior you deem valuable, such as a purchase, signup, page view, or lead. Using our conversion tracking pixel, you can see which sites your conversions come from.

Cost/Conv: the amount you pay for one conversion.

Conversions: Total conversions.

Current Market Price: The average price for a text ad on a given site over the past 24 hours, based on your targeting criteria. If you want to get more impressions, consider increasing both your maximum bid and budget.

Avg. CPC: Effective Cost per Click (aCPC) – Your average cost per click delivered. (Total campaign cost divided by total number of clicks delivered.)

Avg. CPM: Effective Cost per thousand impressions (aCPM) – Your average cost per thousand impressions delivered. ((Total campaign cost divided by total impressions delivered) x 1000)

Flat rate: A pricing system VADpay uses for site targeted buys on sites in our network. Your ad will display on a specific site with fixed placement, for a fixed length of time, and for a set price.

Highest Bid: This is the highest current bid for a text ad on this site. The highest bid is the same as the minimum bid amount if there are no current bids, or if only the minimum amount has been bid.

Impressions: The number of impressions is the number of times an ad is displayed.

Keyword targeted: Advertisers can purchase keyword targeted ads to reach a variety of sites across the VADpay network without having to select individual sites to do so.
Site targeted: With site targeted ads, advertisers can purchase ads directly on publishers they select.

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