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 VADpay.com Press Release
Posted By: Vad On: 18 Aug 2008 08:39 AM
Details We would like offer new Internet advertising system - VADpay. What is VADpay ? VADpay is a cost-per-click(CPC) and per-1000-impressions(CPM) bidding system that allows you to advertise text or graphical ads on websites of your choice.

VADpay is very fast and easy for use program. You need a few minutes to create your ad zone and start make money from your Web site or Blog. With VADpay any web publisher can Set up a new ad zone for 5 steps only. VADpay be right equally for professional as and for beginner. At VADpay you can create universal account and operate it as Advertiser,Publisher,Partner,Agency and Reseller!

Advertiser benefits:

* Target your ads by keyword, GEO, Demographic & Category Targeting.
* Run text, graphical, reloadable and floating ads.
* Easily create and edit your ads and target URL in minutes.
* Set the max price you are willing to pay start up from only $0.01.
* Monitor the performance of your ads for real time online.

Publisher benefits:

* Receive 70% of the sale price for each ad sold off your website through our system.
* Always have the highest bidders displayed on your website.
* Approve or reject ads or site.
* Customize your ads for seamless integration into your site's design.
* Sell ads to your visitors via a "Your Ad Here" link in additional to selling through VADpay's marketplace and sales team.
* Throgh a small snippet of HTML placed on your site, we handle serving, scheduling, billing, customer service, and sales.

For Media Agencies:

* Create unlimited advertisers-clients accounts.
* Manage multiple clients more efficiently throgh one interface.
* Create and manage your owne advertising compaign to attract new clients.
* Get Agency bonus for every your deposit up to 20%.
* Get full reports and statistic for all your client's accounts.

VADpay Referral program:

On all buying and selling activity referred by your site, you earn:
* 20% of VADpay's profits for the first 3 months!
* 10% of VADpay's profits for the next 9 months!
* For the first 3 months: When a user signs as an advertiser or publisher and spends $50, we'll credit your account with $10.
* For the next 9 months: When your referral earns $50, we'll credit your account with $5.

Google AdSense , Yahoo Search, and other big advertising systems very expensive now.
VADpay advertising network is not expensive now, so it is start up company. You can start your advertising compain with economic budget and get reasonably priced, targeted traffic to your web site.

Contact Us via our online 24/7 support system: http://support.vadpay.com

Contact us by phone:
US Toll Free 1-877-906-5778
501 Silverside Rd, Suite 105, Wilmington, DE 19809, USA.
WEb site Url: www.vadpay.com

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